9 Objects That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

The average toilet seat has 1,600 germs per 100 cm2 and you more than likely have the perception that it is pretty dirty. Believe it or not, these are objects that are dirtier than your toilet seat. Awareness and action are critical to have a clean environment. Save on all of your cleaning need by purchasing discounted gift cards to your favorite stores.

Kitchen Sponge


Kitchen sponge- Kitchen sponges are a great way to spread bacteria onto your dishes and kitchen counter. With 14 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat, finding a new way to wash your dishes would be beneficial to your health.



Mobile Phone- It is surprising if your mobile phone isn’t glued to your being; most of the time you even take it into the bathroom with you. The fact that your phone has ten times more germs than your toilet seat shouldn’t come as a shock. Because most people don’t take the time to clean their mobile devices and it is constantly being handled by your hands lead to bacteria hanging around.

chopping board

Chopping Board- Chopping boards have 200 times the germs of your toilet seat! You would be better off using your toilet seat when making your next salad.


Pillow- Unless your pillow is brand new, there is more than likely 100,000 dust mites crawling on your pillows.


Ice- 70% of ice served at restaurants have more bacteria that the water in your toilet. There are multiple reasons for this including contaminated ice machines and employees touching the ice.


Game Controller


Game Controllers- The average game controller has around 7,800 germs per 100cm2, that is almost 7 times more germs than the average toilet seat. Next time you go to working on demolishing the latest Zombie game, think about wiping down your hand device.


Money- The single most transferred object, each bill has an average of 200,000 bacteria on it’s surface. Switching to plastic sounds a lot more appealing after reading this statistic.

key board


Computer Key Board- Computer keyboards have 5 times more germs than the average toilet seat. Computers are used everyday however, they are one of the least cleaned devices. With multiple users, keyboards are a prime location to pick up a virus that is hanging around.

Finding a way to clean these items on a daily basis will, not only ease your mind knowing that you have kicked the bacteria on these objects to the curb, your family will also benefit in other ways. You will all be healthier and not passing around sickness as much. You will save money by cutting doctor bills and medication costs.

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6 Ways To Save More Outlet Shopping

If you are looking to quench your shopping addiction without spending an arm and a leg, outlet shopping is a great option. Not only are prices less than in the retail store, there are additional ways to save more outlet shopping. DailyFinance brings some great tips on ways you can save more.
Outlet shopping

Purchase discounted gift cards. By using discounted gift card sites you can save up to 35% on the additional savings that you find at the outlet stores. Websites such as GiftCardRescue.com offer gift cards to over 450 popular merchants, so finding the discounted gift cards you are looking for is easy.

Figure out the outlet ‘brand.’ There are a couple of management companies that own quite a few outlet malls in the United States, including Premium Outlets and Tanger Factory Outlet Centers. Before heading out, be sure to check the website for the entire outlet mall for any possible deals or coupons. Premium and Tanger Outlets also have Facebook pages where they will occasionally post coupons that you can print from home.

Look for an outlet discount card or VIP program. Many outlet malls have VIP savings programs that can save you big bucks throughout the year and also give you special access to new promotions and sales.

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago opened last year and offer a Green Savings Card that costs $5 for a yearly membership. Those with a Green Savings Card receive extra discounts at a huge number of stores and restaurants in the mall, which is on top of the already low prices.

‘Like’ the outlet store on Facebook.If there is an outlet store that you frequent, go ahead and like its Facebook page so that you will be one of the first to know about sales and promotions. The Kate Spade Outlet will frequently post promotions to Facebook before emailing subscribers. The J. Crew Factory Store has offered special promotions that are valid only to their Facebook fans.

Register for store emails. Not all outlet stores have their own web page, but if they do, be sure to register for emails. The Gap Outlet is one of my favorite stores because the prices are usually low and they frequently email out coupons for additional savings. Late last year I received a coupon for an extra 50 percent off my entire Gap Outlet purchase. The Banana Republic Factory Store and Coach Factory Store also frequently send out high value coupons over email.

Use in-store coupons. Sometimes one of the easiest ways to save is to look for in-store coupons right when you walk into a store. Almost every time I walk into a Last Call by Neiman Marcus outlet store I am handed a coupon that will save me an extra 10 to 20 percent off my entire purchase. These coupons aren’t always available, but it is great when they are, especially when they can be combined with other in-store promotions.

7 Healthy Gas Station Foods

Eating healthy while traveling is a pain. Here are a few healthy gas station foods that will make eating on the go less problematic.


Seeds- If you can find raw seeds, these have the most nutritional value. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds can be found at most gas stations and provide a good source of many essential nutrients. Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin E and 100 grams of pumpkin seeds provide 54% of the daily requirements of protein.

 Nuts- Almonds and Walnuts are the best nuts to incorporate into your diet because comparatively speaking they have the least number of calories. If you are trying to find a cheaper alternative, peanuts are high in folate, an essential brain development nutrient.

Cereal - Available at many gas stations, cereal is a good healthy alternative to chips or other snacking products. Find a cereal low in sugar as one of your best options. It is great for having a continuous snack.

Fresh Fruit- If the fruit looks edible, fruit is a great healthy option.

Trail Mix- If you are having a little chocolate craving. Trail mix usually has a combination of nuts and dried fruit, sometimes chocolate pieces are mixed in to add a little sweet treat. You just have to make sure you stick to your portions.

Hard-Boiled Eggs-For only 70 calories, eggs are very rich in nutrients. Packed with protein, phosphorus, vitamin B12, vitamin A and more, hard boiled eggs are a perfect healthy gas station food.

Dried Fruit- Some dried fruit can be more nutritious than the natural version. The most nutritious way to eat apricot is dried. A good source of fiber, they also contain vitamin A, C and Iron. Dried cranberries have higher levels of antioxidants than a lot of other fruits. Mango, fig, and raisin are other fruits you can find dried at the gas station.

To save on your gas and snack check out GiftCardRescue.com’s discounted gas cards before you go on your next trip.

35 Things I Hope My Daughter Never Has To Experience

My daughter

To all the mothers out there who have experienced the world at it’s best and it’s worst will understand that there are things that you hope your daughter never has to experience. EliteDaily brings a great article for all those mothers out there that hope for a better world for their daughters to grow up.

To say that I’m scared for the future generations of the world is a passing statement. To say that I’m scared to bring a daughter into this world is a fear I hold tightly.

It’s a fear that consumes my subconscious and conscious states and sits deep down in the pit of my stomach. It’s a fear that keeps me up at night and comes out in my darkest moments of despair and loneliness. It’s an innate instinct that strengthens as I grow older and another year hardens me.

You see, I’m scared to bring another woman into this world because I know what it is to be a woman. I know what it’s like to wear the deep scars of inadequacy and to carry the heavy burden of fading youth.

I know how it feels to be ostracized, immortalized and degraded at the same time. I know what it feels like to have your heart broken into a million pieces by a man who wasn’t worth a hello. I know what it feels like to be constantly compared to idealized women with perfect bone structure and airbrushed hips.

I know what it feels like to be reduced to just a pair of tits and ass. I know what it’s like to be judged by a glance and overlooked for a woman with better hair and bigger tits. I know what it feels like to be put down because of gender-induced stereotypes. I know what it feels like to never want to get out of bed because you don’t feel pretty enough to face the world.

I know what it feels like to be afraid of rejection and to be desensitized to belittlement. I know what it feels like to be discarded and replaced. I know what it feels like to be betrayed and judged by impossible standards, and I never want my daughter to feel this way.

I want my daughter to feel strong and invincible. I want her to wear her flaws and imperfections as badges of strength and beauty. I want her to look past the stares and the judgments and find a path of self-acceptance, which so many women fail to ever unearth. I want her to never feel the deep pain of heartbreak or the shallow judgments of her peers. I want her to see beyond stereotypes and to walk above the grain. After reading an article that spoke of all the things a woman wanted her daughters to see, I started thinking about the things I never wanted my future daughter to go through.

I want her to be her own woman, and I hope she doesn’t ever have to experience these dirty, evil and superficial bits and pieces of life:

1. Heartbreak from a man who did her wrong.

2. Betrayal from a friend who was nothing but an enemy.

3. Hopelessness from a world that doesn’t seem to get any better.

4. Despair from being told she “can’t” too many times.

5. Jealousy of people who are nothing more than airbrushed images.

6. Belittlement from a society that only judges on outward appearances.

7. Insecurity from the women around her.

8. Inadequacy from images glamorized by the media.

9. Rejection from men who don’t understand depth and real beauty.

10. Loss of faith in a world that continues to disappoint.

11. Fear of the unknown.

12. Envy of women who aren’t worth envying.

13. Embarrassment of her flaws.

14. Disappointment from those who are supposed to protect her.

15. Shame of her body.

16. Discouragement from those who are supposed to believe in her.

17. Discomfort from the cat calls of perverse men.

18. Bullying from kids who were raised with no moral centers.

19. Gender inequality in her new found job.

20. Lost moments from worrying about the future.

21. Uselessness by people who don’t see her worth.

22. Guilt for things she cannot change.

23. Dishonor in her roots and her past.

24. Contempt for things unworthy of anger.

25. Self doubt in her limitless abilities.

26. Anxiety over the daily stresses of life.

27. Disbelief in the evil doings of fellow man.

28. Grief for things that aren’t worth tears.

29. Desolation in the future of the world.

30. Torment over the suffering of others.

31. Obsession with the materialistic and the mundane.

32. Preoccupation with people who don’t care.

33. Finding her validation in another person.

34. Regret from never putting herself out there.

35. Feeling like she isn’t worthy of all she truly deserves in life.

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5 Best Ways To Get A Discount

If you think you are paying too much for certain products, you could try to get a discount next time you are at the store. By simply asking for a product at, what you think is a reasonable cost, could win you that price for your purchase. DailyFinance shares ways to approach getting a discount on products you are buying. Using websites such as GiftCardRescue.com
can get you a discount anytime you are shopping. With discounted gift cards for up to 35% OFF actual value, saving money is guaranteed.

Get a store discount

Be friendly, polite and nice. When you ask for a discount at the register, you’re asking the cashier to do you a favor. You don’t know if a discount is available and you need his help. Being friendly, polite and nice to the cashier can go a long way. Smile, say hello and ask her about her day as she rings up your purchases. When it comes time to pay, that’s when you ask if there are discounts for which you qualify.

Accept you’ll fail most of the time. Some stores simply don’t offer discounts of any kind. They don’t run promotions, they don’t have coupons and there’s no way for a cashier to ring up a discount. Other stores run promotions all the time. If you’ve heard of Bed Bath & Beyond (BBY),

you’ve probably seen one of their ubiquitous 20 percent off coupons. They come in nearly every mailer, apply toward almost everything except a few name brands, and never actually expire, despite having an expiration date. If you forget a coupon, the cashier has a book of bar codes he or she can scan to give you the right discounts to help you save. Depending on how nice the cashier is, sometimes she will even scan bar codes reserved for competitons’ coupons to give you even more savings. It pays to be nice in life!
Get lots of practice. There is only one way to get comfortable with failure: experience it. Once you’ve felt the sting of failure, it doesn’t hurt as much the next time. And when you do fail, it’s really not a big deal. Most cashiers will say “sorry, we don’t have that,” or something similar. If you think you’ll struggle with this, pretend you’re acting or playing a persona. Pretend you’re testing out different strategies, like the result when you’re friendly versus simply being polite. Let it become a game, and failure stops being as big of a deal.
Try obtaining discounts at smaller shops. In the case of a large store, cashiers don’t usually have the freedom to give you a discount unless it’s already part of the company culture, as is the case with Bed Bath & Beyond. With smaller stores or at farmers markets or smaller venues, you may be speaking with the proprietor, and he has the flexibility to do anything he wants. The store may not advertise a three-for-two discount but it might go for it if you ask. If it’s near the end of the day, the owner might prefer to sell the item at a lower profit margin than not at all.
Take advantage of an affinity group. Are you retired or active military? Are you of a certain age? Military, veterans, student and senior discounts are everywhere, but some stores don’t advertise them. To find out if the store has one, just ask. Are you a member of the National Military Family Association or AARP? Membership organizations often negotiate special discounts for members, and they may have done it at the store you’re in, and those discounts may not be advertised.If you find yourself having trouble trying these strategies, just remember that a few seconds, even if they’re uncomfortable seconds at first, could save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s worth the effort.

7 Ways To Manage Money In Your 30s

It happens to us all at one point or another, you look at your tax refund and think: Where did all that money go? Saving money is the end result of a multitude of other actions that can be classified as money managing. The way you manage money in your 30s will be a good indicator of how you will handle your life long finances. Don’t wait to start managing your money more intelligently. Dailyfinance explains the best way to manage money in your 30s.

Manage money in your 30s

  1. Save when you can. ”If you’ve gotten your salary up to the point where student loan debt is not wreaking havoc in your life anymore, but before you have a lot of responsibilities, that’s a great opportunity to super-charge your savings,” says Jean Chatzky, financial editor of the Today Show and author of “Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security.” When parenting responsibilities and mortgage costs take off, for example, it can be hard to save more. “You want to take advantage of the opportunities you have to sock away some money so when the leaner years come around, you don’t beat yourself up,” she adds.
  2. Create solid habits. It’s also time to establish financial habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Kerry Hannon, personal finance expert and author of “Great Jobs for Everyone 50+,” says in her 30s, she maxed out her retirement savings accounts and even set aside a portion of her extra freelance income for retirement. “Those funds have served me well over the years as mad money to help pay for vacations and more. I still save outside of retirement accounts religiously in my 50s, too. It’s a habit I started back in my 30s,” she says.
  3. Plan out your goals and priorities. ”Hopefully you’re starting to become established in your career and can begin to contribute, if you’re not already, to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, and begin to think about other savings goals, too, like a home purchase or college savings,” says Suzanna de Baca, vice president of wealth strategies at Ameriprise Financial.
  4. Talk about money with your partner. If you have a spouse or partner, then getting on track together and working out any disputes can prevent conflicts later. “People often comingle finances with their partner, and open communication is key. Make sure you talk about your finances and life goals with your partner, and align on how you will get there together,” de Baca urges.
  5. Get comfortable with negotiation. Nancy L. Anderson, 52, a certified financial planner in Park City, Utah, says while she did a lot of things right in her 30s, including investing 20 percent of her income, buying a home, investing in rental property and saving for her child’s college education, she also wished she had negotiated her salary more assertively. “If I’d negotiated a higher salary each time I changed companies in my career, I’d be wealthier today,” she says. Since most people change jobs about 11 times in their careers, negotiating those transitions can end up making you more than $600,000 richer over your career, she adds.
  6. Be a good role model. For those 30-somethings who are already parents, Beth Kobliner, author of “Get a Financial Life” and member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans, says it’s important to model smart financial choices for the little eyes watching you. ”You lose all credibility lecturing your little kids about not needing every new toy or tech gadget if you, behind closed doors, have loud arguments with your spouse about not being able to keep up with your credit card bills,” she says. You don’t have to be a money genius, she adds, but it’s important to talk about money – making financial discussions as commonplace as soccer practice or Sunday dinner.
  7. Shore up your cash reserves. While many experts emphasize long-term investing and retirement savings, Tim Maurer, director of personal finance for the BAM Alliance of independent advisers, says he wishes he had kept more money in pure cash savings to give himself a better buffer for unexpected needs and expenses. “Much, maybe too much, financial planning is focused exclusively on the long, long-term,” he says, “and while it’s true that real estate can be a great way to build wealth and one should start saving as early as possible for retirement, it’s the unexpected changes in life that often derail 30-something households. Our financial plans should address the short-term, too.”

11 Tips For A Frugal Easter

Holidays are always a stressful time without the added stress of money. If you are looking to save a little money and have a frugal Easter, here are some tips from bargainbabe that will make this Easter holiday full of spending time together instead of money.

frugal easter

Discounted Gift Cards - Purchase discounted gift cards from websites such as giftcardrescue.com to hundreds of popular merchants, that you can in turn use to purchase the things you need to make this Easter’s handmade candies.

Homemade Candies - I’m a total foodie so I love to bake and create my own candies. I really find this fun AND it’s a great way to save. You can purchase a mold to make your own Chocolate Bunny! There’s one for only $2.06 onAmazon. This mold will last years and this one time purchase will end up being worth it. I’ve bought chocolate bunnies for $5 or more! You can also buy a mold to make many different types of chocolate Easter candies, like eggs, bunnies, ducks, and more! These are usually around $5 but if you score a deal at Michael’s or JoAnn’s fabric you may find one cheaper. I use Pinterest to find recipes and I found a great list of 50 homemade Easter candy recipes. I’m sure that for many of them you already have the ingredients lying around at home. Score!

Homemade Goodies - Candy isn’t the only item you can make at home. You can also make items like sidewalk chalk, homemade puppets, homemade finger paint, and bubbles. Most of these are made with items that can be found around the house. For bubbles, all you need is laundry detergent, sugar, and water.  Also, if you have children who don’t believe in the Easter bunny you can make them together. My sisters and I are going to make some homemade treats for our four-year-old nephew.

Easter Egg Coupons - I love the idea of giving adults homemade coupons for Christmas and I also thinks it’s a great idea for Easter. You can find adorable coupons to print that your child will love. Some ideas for coupons are: Stay up late an extra 15 minutes, you get to choose dinner, free pass on chore of your choice, go somewhere with mom etc. You can use these printable Easter coupons or make your own. This is a great way to make the Easter eggs a little different…and avoid having to buy tons of candy!

Easter Basket Steals - My mom always used the same Easter baskets for us so she didn’t have to buy a new one every year. Spending the money on one Easter basket and reusing it can be a money-saver. If you really don’t want to buy a basket you can use milk containers or shoe boxes that you decorate. Another option is to make the basket a gift. You can use a pail and shovel as a basket that kids can use later at the beach. Fun!

 Movies - When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with Disney movies so every Easter my Mom would put one in my basket. She would get the videos on sale either at Walmart or online. You can do the same! Pick one movie (or other “big” toy) you know your child would love and look for a bargain. If your child is a movie lover, I already found some deals for you. Currently, I found All Dogs Go to Heaven for only $3.00 on Amazon and The Land Before Time for $5.00. This would be a fun addition to a candy filled Easter basket. You’ve got a movie night ready to go, complete with snacks.

Give Items They Need – My parents would always put staples like socks, clothing items, and as a special treat, an electric toothbrush in our baskets. These were things that they needed to buy for us anyway but turned into presents. You can find cheap socks at Target (sometimes in the $1 bin) and shop sales to find cheaper clothing items. You’d be surprised how much my nephew loves his electric toothbrush. He acts like it’s a toy! I found a cuteDisney themed toothbrush for girls for $5.91 on Ebay and free shipping!

Non-Candy Snacks - If you’re going to do an Easter egg hunt you can easily, and frugally, vary the types of treats in the eggs. You can buy items in bulk such as goldfish or trails mix that you give your kids year round. Then, you can put these items into the eggs. Not only is this cheaper but it will keep your children from having a sugar overload without feeling like they were cheated out of treats!

Stuffed Animals - You can snag small Easter Bunny stuffed animals for just $1 at the Dollar store. They usually have cute stuffed animals year round as well. Just be sure you go early in April if you’re looking for an Easter Bunny stuffed animal. If you’d like to find something even cheaper, you can check out garage sales. I’ve seen stuffed animals for as low as 25 cents.

Books - You can often find small Dover books at your local bookstore for only $1. These are high quality books that have paper dolls, activities, coloring pages, etc. You can also find them online but they are a little pricier usually around $1.75 to $3.  Also, books could be a good idea for older children. If you know there’s a book they’ve been dying to read you can look on Amazon for deals or check out the books on sale at your local library. These tend to be much cheaper than buying in-store.

Dollar Store Toys - Another great Easter egg filler are dollar store toys and stickers. You can usually find bags of little toys such as dinosaurs or cars at your local Dollar Store. You can also find variety packs of stickers. For just a dollar or two you can fill up a ton of eggs.

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12 Tips to Save Money While Dining Out

Dining out is a luxury that can add up when precautions aren’t taken. With these tips to save money while dining out, from DailyFinance, eating out can be less of a financial burden and more fun.

Save money eating out

1. Drink water — the free kind. Restaurant beverages, both soft drinks and alcohol, can significantly boost the cost of your meal. A soda can cost $3 at a fast-casual restaurant, adding $12 plus tax and tip for a family of four. A glass of wine may be $10 or $12.

Plus, these days restaurants often push bottled water, at a much higher price per bottle than you’d pay at Costco (COST). Tap water is a cheaper choice. If you enjoy wine or cocktails, consider having your first drink at home before you go out, or coming home for a nightcap.

2. Take advantage of daily specials.Many restaurants offer $1 taco nights or other specials, especially during the week. Find out when your favorite restaurants offer deals, and pick those nights to eat out.

3. Don’t leave home without searching for coupons. Before you go out, you can search for “name of restaurant” plus “coupon” online as well as check the restaurant’s website or Facebook (FB) page. You can also find restaurant coupons in the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, in weekly neighborhood newspapers and in the Entertainment Book.

4. Join restaurant loyalty clubs. Many restaurants will send you coupons for free items or discounts in exchange for your email address. They may offer free meals or desserts for your birthday or send coupons throughout the year. Some restaurants will reward you for downloading or using their mobile app.

5. Look for happy hour food specials. Many restaurant offer special prices on food if you dine early or late. Others offer half-price appetizers along with drink specials. When you arrive, make sure you clarify with the staff whether you need to sit in the bar to take advantage of those deals.

6. Use online deal sites. Two sites that may save you money are restaurant.comand opentable.com. Restaurant.com sells discounted dining certificates: $10 for $25 of dining all the time. But there are lots of sales where you can get those certificates for $4 or $5. The restaurant selection is better in some cities than in others. Plus, each restaurant sets its own rules, so read the fine print before you buy.

GiftCardRescue.com offers discounted gift cards on many popular restaurants, offering up to 15% off. Pair these cards with a coupon or daily special to get an even bigger discount.

7. Buy daily deals — judiciously. New restaurants often offer deals throughgroupon.comlivingsocial.com and similar daily deal services. These come with restrictions, including minimum purchase requirements. Some deals are better than others, so before you buy, make sure the certificate will really save you money. Groupon (GRPN) also has a new service that gives you a discount for reserving through its site, with no voucher involved.

8. Share a meal. Most restaurant meals can easily serve two people, and you can always add an extra salad or side dish, if necessary. If the restaurant doesn’t make sharing easy, find one that does.

9. Order appetizers rather than entrees. Appetizer portions are cheaper, more reasonably sized and sometimes more interesting. If an appetizer will fill you up, skip the entree. Your wallet, and possibly health, will benefit.

10. Look for kids-eat-free deals. Lots of restaurants offer nights where kids eat free. Some require adults to purchase a meal or limit it to one free kid’s meal for each adult meal ordered.

11. Find senior discounts. Some restaurants offer a special loyalty club for seniors, some have a senior menu and others offer a standard senior discount. If you don’t see a senior discount on the menu, ask if there is one. AARP provides a list of restaurants that offer discounts, usually 10 percent off, to its members.

12. Go out for lunch rather than dinner. This is a good way to sample the fare at more expensive restaurants without spending as much money. You probably won’t want wine, either.

11 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

You’ve heard a million different ways to ‘earn cash from home’ but none quite as creative as these. Having extra cash is never a bad idea, MensHealth gives us different ways to earn extra cash.

earn extra cash

 1. Gig Yourself Out

Can you write a catchy jingle? Translate Mandarin? Design a killer company logo? Figure out what you’re good at and put it up for sale on Fiverr. “We live in the gig-economy—especially the younger generation,” says Kyle Taylor, who blogs about cool ways to make money on ThePennyHoarder. “People are stringing together a lot of different gigs to make extra money with side jobs.”

The payout: Sellers on Fiverr offer unique services—everything from writing press releases and crafting poems to offering animal care and doing voiceover work—ranging anywhere from $5 to $500.

 2. Become a Professional Friend

If you’re an affable guy that likes to meet new people, you can make some extra cheddar just by being friendly. RentAFriend is a strictly platonic “friends-for-hire” website that allows users to select a friend for an event, a tour around town, or an evening at the movies. The website has over 100,000 unique visitors a month and over 2,000 paid members who browse the site looking for some good, old-fashioned companionship.

The payout: Some friends charge up to $150 for an hour, but the average hourly rate is $20 to $50. According to RentAFriend, if you work part time—3 days a week—and charge $20 per hour, you can make an additional $1900 per month.

 3. Turn Your Car into a Billboard

If your daily commute is a complete drag, turn it into a money-making operation. Companies such as Adz in Motion and Free Car Media will pay you for displaying ads on your car. But Taylor warns that these companies are extremely selective about who they work with. They choose based on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the driver’s geographic location. There are also several car-wrapping scams out there, so do your research to find a legitimate service before you commit to anything.

The payout: If you do get selected to participate, you could earn as much as $400-$500 per month. Some smaller campaigns that include a simple decal instead of a full wrap can earn you $50 per month.

 4. Download Apps

It doesn’t get much easier than this: Just download a few apps, let them sit on your smartphone, and watch the money roll in. Taylor says installing Media Insiders Paneland Google Screenwise can add up to a couple hundred bucks each year. “These are mobile apps that run in the background on your phone,” he says. “They don’t track calls, but they do provide data to Google and other companies about how long you stay on websites and how often you’re using Facebook to help them make better marketing decisions.” Although it’s not NSA-caliber spying, users who download these apps do need to be comfortable giving up their data to companies for market research purposes.

The payout: If you install Google Screenwise on your computer, smartphone and tablet, you’ll be offered an $8 first-week incentive, plus $2 every week for staying with the program. Using the Media Insiders Panel will earn you up to $15 each month from Tango Card. Rewards for these programs come in the form of gift cards, but installing both apps can earn you $295 in rewards per year.

 5. Rent Your Space

If you have an extra parking spot in your driveway or a big empty basement in your house, you can rent out your space to make ends meet. Websites such as StoreAtMyHouse and ParkAtMyHouse allow you to advertise your unused space online and attract renters. Parking spaces can be especially lucrative if you live near a sports stadium or a commuter rail line. Or, if you have an extra room in your house or an apartment above your garage, put it up on Airbnb to attract out-of-towners looking for a place to stay.

The payout: It depends on what you’re renting out and where you’re located. For prime driveway or parking space, you can make up to $200 per month. Average listings for attic or basement space on StoreAtMyHouse range from $50 to $200 per month. Airbnb rentals can go from $40 a night for a room rental to upwards of $1,500 a night for a luxury home.

 6. Participate in a Mock Jury

Can’t get enough of Law & Order? Get in on the action. These fake trials help lawyers test out arguments or reach settlement agreements before real cases go before a judge. You can find opportunities online, but “the ones where you go to a lawyer’s office usually pay better,” Taylor says. “They sit you in a room with 10 to 12 other people and they give you an abbreviated version of a case that may or may not come to trial. Then, like a real jury, you deliberate and come to a decision.” Before you’re selected to participate in a mock trial, you’ll be asked several demographic questions, since law offices are often looking for a diverse pool of people.

The payout: Online mock jury trials could pay as low as $10 per trial or up to $50 per trial. However, a trip to your local law office could net you around $100 for a few hours—plus free lunch. (Score!)

 7. Be a Gym Rat

If you can’t go a day without pumping iron, download GymPact app (free for iOS and GooglePlay). Each week, you make a pledge for how much you’ll work out. You’ll also be required to state how much you’re willing to pay if you don’t keep your pact. As long as you achieve the goal you set, you’ll earn real cash from other members who didn’t meet their weekly resolutions. GymPact uses GPS, photos, and other services to keep you honest so you can’t lie about your progress. If you already hit the gym on a regular schedule and rarely miss a day, why not earn some extra funds for your effort?

The payout: Rewards generally range from 30 cents to $5 per week depending on the number of activities you commit and the number of users who don’t complete their pacts. Once your rewards total $10, you can withdraw those funds to your PayPal account.

 8. Name a Company

Are you a wordsmith that can come up with catchy names and slogans? You might as well be creative for cash. NamingForce is a website where new companies or products solicit users for name suggestions. Anyone can submit ideas, based on a short description provided by the company. “The cool thing about this is you can submit as many names as possible,” says Taylor. “Some of the larger companies provide bigger prizes that could go up to the thousands of dollars.”

 9. Review Music

If you’re always hungry to find new tunes, you could get paid to listen to music clips through SlicethePie. Music fans can sign up, listen to 90-second sound clips, and write short reviews to help bands and marketers gain insightful feedback. The quality of your review and how often you submit evaluations will determine how much you get paid.

The payout: New critics often start out receiving just 2 cents per review, but as your rank improves and you become more active in the community, you can easily climb up to 20 cents each time out. Once your account reaches $10, you can withdraw the cash to a Paypal account.

 10. Resell Cardboard Boxes

The United States Census Bureau estimates that about 50 million Americans move each year—so think about all of the cardboard boxes that wind up in landfills. You could actually turn those empty boxes into bucks by reselling them through websites like BoxCycle. All boxes need to be in good condition, with their structure intact. If you’re feeling ambitious, call local stores to see if you can take their extra cardboard boxes away, or look for free box listings on Craigslist.

The payout: The bigger the box, the more it’s usually worth. Most companies will pay anywhere between 50 cents and $2 per box. If you manage to move a few hundred boxes each month, it could mean a decent profit—especially if you get the boxes for free.

 11. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Roughly $2 billion worth of gift cards go unused each year. This is money that retailers get to pocket! You can now take these excess gift cards you have laying around and turn them into cash. Giftcardrescue.com will buy these cards from you to resell at a discounted price to another customer.

The payout: Dependent on the merchant, the gift card you sell can be bought at up to 90% of its value!

7 Perks of Unemployment

Look on the bright side of things and instead of being negative think about the perks of unemployment from EliteDaily. Saving money during this limbo time is essential. Using discounted gift cards to your favorite hot spots and on everyday needs will help to lighten the financial burden.


1. Sleeping in.

There is a reason kindergartners take nap classes and when you understand the value of sleep (like the value of a dollar), you’ve become an adult — congratulations. Disable that nightmare of an alarm clock on your phone and sleep in. Remember the times you had to give up breakfast and showering in exchange for another half hour of sleep just to be on time for work?

What about the nights when it was impossible to fall asleep, in part because you couldn’t stop thinking about how tired you would be the next morning? You will never complain about your sleeping schedule when you don’t have a job.

2. You will cook (or learn how to cook).

During your employed days, you probably had minimal time for grocery shopping and by the time you got off your late shift, nothing in your neighborhood would even be open. Maybe you quietly cried yourself to sleep because you were so hungry or maybe you settled for the only establishment open — the falafel truck.

I love the falafel truck as much as the next person, but if the falafel guy knew your schedule better than your roommates, you’re probably eating like a first-class hobo. Eating at your favorite restaurant no longer works with your budget, but there’s good news: grocery shopping is significantly cheaper than eating out.

Is getting excited for a BOGO sale at the grocery store deeply sad? Maybe, but consider who has the best snack selection to offer and then tell me who’s a loser. You now have time to cook decent meals.

3. You don’t have an excuse to miss the gym.

If you’ve been ignoring your gym membership because you didn’t have enough time or you were too tired from work, your body probably looks a lot like mayonnaise. When you’re out of a job, you can’t complain about being too tired from browsing the Internet all day or taking really long naps. In the good old days of employment, being tired from work or getting home too late, but still passed as a legitimate excuse. A mildly impressive gym schedule is on the horizon and you must seize it. Now hit the gym, mayonnaise.

4. You find the best happy hours in town.

Just because you can’t afford your previously abundant social life doesn’t mean you’re going to stay at home and cry like a baby about it; you’re going to find the most economical ways to get drunk. You are obligated to make the most of $1 off all drafts or two-for-one cocktail specials. Little gems like this are what keep unemployed people driven and out of bed. Reward yourself for submitting your resume to a sketchy post on Craigslist or following up on an email — it’s been a productive day.

5. You can do the things you always said you wish you had time to do.

There is probably a list in the back of your mind titled “When I Have Time.” You’ve added places to visit, recipes to make, books to read, movies to watch and emails from relatives to answer — but let’s be honest, you’re never getting around to the last one. Take advantage of not having to be anywhere important on a weekday around noon and the lack of anxiety that comes with it.

Don’t feel guilty about cracking open a beer at lunch — you don’t have anywhere to be! Use this unemployment as a break or a really long vacation of personal days and catch up on the things you’ve been putting off — like, responding to your aunt’s email from months ago.

6. You appreciate your home.

Now that you’re home most of the time, you start to appreciate the little things. It’s nice to see your roommates because your schedules actually overlap. Plus, no one will know that that the only time you remove your sweatpants is to shower.

The guilt you once felt for spending so much money at IKEA has passed because now you’re home to actually use the furniture. The only downside is that cabin fever will slowly creep in and make you want to claw the skin off of your face, but don’t worry, that only happens after the second month or so.

7. You will enjoy your next job.

During your time of employment, you didn’t need to worry about paying rent, utilities, buying clothes and sometimes, you even picked up the bar tab for friends just because you could. There is nothing like the security of consistent paychecks rolling in, but was it from doing something found to be gratifying at all? If the job paid less, would you have still worked there?

There is a strange guilt that comes from working a job in which there is no rewarding feeling, only something that shows up in your bank account on pay day. It is a soul-sucking tick on your heart that feeds and grows when you feel worthless. Eventually, it evolves into that really weird stage of a tick’s life when it kind of looks like a raisin with really tiny, short legs and you just don’t want that on you.

If you have a good head on your shoulders, apply to as many jobs as possible and make useful connections so you will not be unemployed forever.